Auditory Nerve Podcast


Movie Commentary: Big Trouble in Little China!

August 6, 2015

This is a very very special episode of the Auditory Nerve! We have decided to try something super different this week and record a full length movie commentary. The film we decided to watch & commentate was "Big Trouble in Little China" Which turns out to be one of the most bizarre films of all-time! The commentary is meant for you to watch along with us! Turn on the movie and act like we are there watching it with you. The film is on Netflix for the time being, so it makes syncing up the commentary really easy! In the end we hope you all like this experiment and if so, then maybe will try more fun episodes like this in the future. If you have zero interest in a movie commentary then this week maybe the one you to take off. Next week we will be back with our regular episodes, but until then sit back and enjoy!!!!